Salary: Competitive salary, 

12:25, July 19 2017

Managing Director

The Managing Director is leading the development of N-SIDE activities in the USA with a specific focus on Clinical Trials. He/She is responsible to sustain and accelerate the growth of sales and operations, while maintaining profitability and excellence of services provided to our local customers.

N-SIDE mission is to support the industry in getting leadership by leveraging business knowledge with powerful mathematical algorithms. N-SIDE provides consulting services and software solutions, helping customers in taking complex decisions thanks to state-of-the-art optimization and data-mining technologies.

On a daily basis, the algorithms developed by N-SIDE are coupling the European electricity markets with a traded volume close to 200m€.

12 out of world top 20 pharmaceutical companies are optimizing the supply chain of clinical trials thanks to N-SIDE in-house algorithms.

Global leaders in the steel industry are taking advantage of N-SIDE solutions to optimize the manufacturing of higher quality products, reducing energy consumption and meeting environmental objectives.
Thanks to its unique business solutions and a talented team of more than 50 experts, N-SIDE has achieved 100% growth other the last two years while maintaining a double-digit profitability.